Peter Yates had a pretty interesting career as a director before he took on Krull in 1983. Maybe that was the reason he accepted a ballooning, doomed-to-fail sci-fi fantasy film. Krull was a big deal when I was a kid, but I haven’t seen it in nearly 30 years I would imagine. It doesn’t have a very stellar reputation, or didn’t when it was released. It’s perfectly entertaining, with a plot that’s not overly complicated, and I like the look of the film and effects even though people seem to feel otherwise.

There used to be a behind the scenes show in the early 80s that mostly focused on fantasy and sci-fi films. Can’t recall the name, might have been hosted by Leonard Nimoy and it might have aired on Nickelodeon. Anyway, I remember being interested in the Krull episode, which is the one I remember most vividly. Seeing that kind of stuff and reading Starlog and Cinefantastique had a pretty big impact on me as a kid. I always thought when I grew up that’s the kind of stuff I’d be doing instead of sitting here in front of my computer typing out how I feel about some dumb 80s movie.

Life sure is funny.


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