Harry Bromley Davenport’s 1982 film is probably best described by one critic as THE MOST UNPREDICTABLE FILM EVER MADE. Hyperbole aside, this is one weird fucking movie. To just categorize it as “horror” or “science fiction” really does do it a disservice. Davenport claims there’s nothing particularly funny about it, and it was New Line Cinema’s Robert Shaye who actually pushed for the really off the wall elements, but maybe because of its limitations it’s an awfully effective film. It’s gross, disturbing, phantasmagorical, dramatic and…yes, unpredictable.

Interesting thing about Xtro: it’s a British production, even though it was financed with American money (New Line). It was a total flop in England but a huge hit in the US. So much so that Xtro saved New Line from going under so they could produce their next cash cow, A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Another aside: my friend Daniel Brashi was kind of enough to give me an Xtro movie poster. I had it saved in a tube to hopefully frame one day. Unfortunately, my totally awful moving company lost the poster between NYC and Detroit. Dicks.


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