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Ignis LP  $18.99
Mika Vainio and Franck Vigroux’s brutal yet filigree electronics hauntingly come to light in Ignis, which finally discloses the further, etheric results of recording sessions that made up their Peau Froide, Léger Soleil album in 2014, their celebrated previous collaboration for Cosmo Rhythmatic (COSMO 003CD/LP). Posthumously issued following Mika’s untimely death in 2017, Ignis taps into the pair’s mutual respect for unsound and proprioceptive allusion, operating at liminal levels of tonal and spatial perception in a six-track LP that leaves the project with a sense of unresolved tension. Since Mika Vainio’s seminal Pan Sonic group with Ilpo Väisänen ceased service in 2009, Mika found one of his sharpest foils in French multi-instrumentalist Franck Vigroux. They embarked on a lengthy creative process, articulated through studio and live performances, resulting in the powerful Peau Froide, Léger Soleil album and stacks of further recordings planned for a second release. The end results of their efforts are collected on Ignis, a set of six parts paying tribute to a mutual fascination with what lies at and beyond the threshold of sonic comprehension. Where their previous effort traded in a mix of colossal, pendulous industrial funk and abyss-baiting doom, this follow-up fully embraces the void in all its glorious mystery. From a trail of icy bleeps, “Brume” lures you into cathedral-like ice cave dimensions with breathtaking cinematic effect, before the antechamber of “Ne Te Retourne Pas” highlights those supposed dimensions with streaks of phosphorescing light to much more paranoid, imposing degrees, before calving off into the mechanical jaws of “Luxure”. Deep in the beast’s mouth, Vigroux bleats a forlorn vocoder message on “Un Peu Après Le Soleil”, and their “Luceat Lux” gives rise to their most extreme, dynamic frequency massages, for “Feux” to wrap up the trip in a barbed wire bouquet of ravishing distortion.
cd version $18.99
Guarda In Alto OST  2LP  $32.99
Double LP version. Three-sided with etching on fourth side. Cameron Stallones, aka Sun Araw, is the quintessential contemporary cosmic courier. Emerging from the fumes of an ancient Egyptian civilization and now settled in one of the meccas of the American lysergic experience, Austin, Texas, he boasts an endless discography and collaborations with luminaries of the caliber of Laraaji (a solo new age traveler discovered by Brian Eno) and the legendary Rastafarian group, Congos. For the soundtrack of the feature film Guarda In Alto (2017), directed by Fulvio Risuleo — the daring story of a baker who has access to a parallel universe on the roofs of the city — Sun Araw looks towards the possible horizons. Bypassing psych and electronic glitch, Sun Araw jets through a double album that seems to refer to the golden age of computer music as well as to the inventions of the Lovely Music roster — the legendary New York label specializing in minimalism and 20th century avant-garde — and to a certain immeasurably psychotic dub aesthetic. A disk composed of many micro-cells, which marries the adventure to the “edge of heaven” of the protagonist, reiterating that dreamy feeling that the protagonist has accustomed us to for several years now.
WHFR MOTOR CITY GEMS compilation LP $13.99
limited to 200 copies in blue vinyl,
this wonderful collection of local indie rock features the beggars, dude, the seatbelts, the zotz, kenny hill group, zombie jesus and the chocolate sunshine band, the muggs, the dogs, rougue satellites, the blueflowers, carolyn striho
THE HATERS Nocturnal Emmisions cd $9.99
also on cassette $9.99
world reknown noise act has mega limited release on label from Redford Michigan!!
Pur En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu  LP  $26.99
Fantôme Phonographique present a reissue of Pur En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu by Antonin Artaud. Antonin Artaud was a French poet, dramatist, and director and one of the most important figures in 20th century European theater, and especially the avant-garde. His piece “Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu” was recorded in 1947 to be aired on French radio. But the project was shelved not only for its scatological, anti-American, anti-religious content, but also for its avant-garde sound, with screams, cries, grunts, glossolalia, and general cacophony, all of which the radio thought would be too shocking for the listeners of post-WWII France. Now regarded as one of his most brilliant works, the piece is finally available again on vinyl courtesy of Fantôme Phonographique. Features the voice actors Maria Casarès, Roger Blin, and Paule Thévenin. Edition of 500 (hand-numbered).
Hi Scores  12″  $18.99
2018 repress. Vinyl version with double-sided 12″ poster. Skam Records are very proud to announce the re-release of Boards Of Canada’s Hi Scores. Originally released in 1996, Hi Scores constitutes Boards Of Canada’s second official release after 1995’s Twoism. This follows the reissue of their other seminal records by Warp in 2013. The new edition has been re-recorded and re-mastered from the original DAT tapes and has been re-cut onto heavyweight collector’s edition vinyl. The original image on the back of the sleeve is now in color. Spot varnish finish on the images & text alongside the usual Skam Braille sticker.
Ren Schofield has returned with a new installment in his notorious LP series for Spectrum Spools. LP has all the earmarks of the classic Container sound with its uber-mangled, saturated tape garble and headlong tempo macabre. However, this new set of tracks feature an attention to composition unlike much of the Container you’ve previously heard. While the tracks unfurl across two sides of wax the contours and jagged edges of each sonic sculpture display a new refinement while maintaining the full capacity to vaporize any club floor with Container’s traditional recklessness. Miraculously, this new LP manages to incorporate some more traditionally “musical” elements thus far untouched upon in the projects output while simultaneously delivering it’s most damaged and blown out offering yet. Despite leaving a trail of albums that get more intense with each passing year, this LP is bar none the most loaded. The tracks feature a trajectory with narrative, surrounded by broken acid basslines grating against disintegrating tape loops. This is the infectious and singular hypnosis Container has become well-known for. Overloaded drum patterns, washes of feedback, and dying melodies — it’s all here and somehow it’s restructured to be different and better than ever before. With this latest installment, there are no longer shambles but merely dust left behind. As Container continues to evolve in an upward motion, LP presents a refreshing and welcome new chapter. Recorded in Cleveland, Ohio in October 2017 by Andrew Veres. Artwork by Ren Schofield.
The Beat from Badsville Vol. 4: Even More Trash Classics from Lux & Ivy’s Vinyl Mountain  
CD  $16.99
Brought up on the radio shows of the legendary rock n’ roll DJs, the moondogging Alan Freed, Mad Daddy and, later, the ghostly Ghoulardi, it was hardly surprising that The Cramps’ Lux Interior and Poison Ivy began trawling the thrift stores for juvenile delinquent tunes, lip curling bad boy rock n’ roll, strange exotica, bizarre novelty 45s, dysfunctional doo wop, psychedelic weirdness, and instrumentals made by madmen. In America in the 1950s and 1960s there seemed to be small town versions of such vinyl madness everywhere that, by the 1970s were remaindered and to the majority of people unwanted. To the fledgling Cramps this was nothing short of heaven. The duo filled their house with novelty memorabilia, schlock horror furniture, and a record collection to die for. Lux eventually gravitated to his own Purple Knif Radio show and the Cramps delivered their versions of some of the stuff they’d found. The duo name-checked many a 45 along the way and seeking them out and sampling their eccentricities is nothing short of mind-blowing. This 24-track collection positively effervesces with eccentricity. Again the release is divided into four themes: The Rock`n´Rollers, New Dance Trend, Instrumentals, and The Mad Daddies. Every track pirouettes dangerously and at times haphazardly around the expected. These are songs for strange times by what can definitely be considered strange people. Gems and nuggets that sparkle even more bright in today’s manufactured music maelstrom. The population of Badsville welcomes you aboard. Includes tracks by Gary Link & the Rock-a-Fellas, Buddy Starr & the Starliners, The Saints, Jamie Coe, Bo Toliver & His Timers, Dossie Thunderbird Terry, The Vocaleers, Celestine, Young Jessie, Creel Sisters, The Phaetons, Burt Keyes with Teddy McRae & His Orchestra, The Downbeats, The Stereos, The Ramblers, The Storms, The Renegades, Nightmares (Jimmie Maddin Orchestra), Don Johnston, Jivin’ Gene and the Jokers, Freddy Montell, Terry Corin and Her Boyfriends, and Mr. Undertaker.
Runes  LP  $29.99
Subliminal Sounds present the first ever vinyl release Kano’s Runes, originally released in 1986. A unique, dark and sparse, tribal, minimal synth, drone, trance, new age recording from the mysterious Kano. Previously only issued as an obscure cassette back in 1986 which is now much sought after. Runes is much darker and brooding compared to its new age peers of the era. Drums, metallophone, synths, and more leads you on a deep inwards trip via damp, cold and foggy caves to the ancients. Runes are reminders of our ancient future. They reveal messages of wisdom that are held deep within our hearts and consciousness. Runes remind you of the forgotten past, opening your minds into the Universal Mind. Archetypal runic symbols appear throughout the earth as relics of many ancient cultures including Hindu and Native American, but their primary origin as tools of divination is most often given as Nordic and Germanic. Their true source is perhaps, too ancient and arcane to ever know with historical certainty. The music of Runes is of such power and beauty, that it can be effective for inducing states of consciousness that allow deep meditation, channeling and trance. Runes is an extraordinary musical experience. Kano, who described it as “a trance musician from Colorado” on the original release, was Don Campbell in real life and the Runes cassette was eventually issued under his name too. Born in 1946 in San Antonio, Texas, Don Campbell spent his high school years in Europe, studying classical music with the legendary Nadia Boulanger and Jean Casadesus at the Fountainebleu Conservatory in France. A graduate of the University of North Texas, he began his professional career as a music critic and teacher for seven years at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo. Campbell’s interest in sound, healing and education have taken him to over forty countries through the years. He has researched and documented the role and uses of music in therapeutic settings, psychology, and imagery applications, educational programs and the contemporary and indigenous spiritual traditions. In 1988, Campbell founded the Institute of Music, Health and Education, serving as its director until 1995. He is also the author of 23 books, some of which have been translated in to 24 languages. Additionally, he served as Acoustic and Musical Director of Aesthetics Audio Systems, an innovative company that provides quality music to healthcare facilities, until his passing. Edition of 1000.
A History Of Nothing  LP  $25.99
LP version. Great dedicated music by four strong individual players, brought together by Rodrigo Amado — intense communication with room for outbreaking solo-parts but always held together through a vision of playing together, all the time exiting and interwoven with beautiful melodies. Personnel: Rodrigo Amado – tenor saxophone; Joe McPhee – pocket trumpet, soprano saxophone; Kent Kessler – double bass; Chris Corsano – drums.
#414 August 2018  MAG/CD  $10.50
“The Wire Tapper 47: The next volume in our exclusive series of underground music anthologies will be attached to the cover of every copy of the August issue — 19 new tracks by Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra, The Space Lady, Hifiklub + Lee Ranaldo, Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, KOKOKO!, JOHN 3:16, and more. Inside the issue… Less Is More a special themed feature where our crack team of writers examine the many faces of minimalism in music, featuring hiphop reductionist DJ Premier, lost New York innovator Terry Jennings, jazz formalist Mal Waldron, the propulsive riffs of Dr Feelgood and AC/DC, why concert hall minimalism sucks, and more. Plus: Invisible Jukebox: Edan; Epiphanies: Pram.”

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