#tbt it’s a little bit hazy – I recall we were hanging out in David Buick ‘s kitchen as we were want to do in those days – Bobby Harlow asked if I had any new songs – I played him some whack white boy funkadelic riffs I had – he said let’s record it – I said ok – went to his house and recorded on four track or something – either Marc had already recorded some drums and I played to the track? Or Maybe i never even recorded with the drummer? Either way the band never played together for this particular recording – bobby and John Krautner took the riffs threw out all the bad stuff and wrote a COMPLETELY different song – then bobby brought the tape machine up to the record store and me, dave, and Elliot Bergman recorded some more – then they sang on it and changed the song again – I think – one of my faves in THE GO canon! – later on I used the original riffs to write a diff song called THE FAKES vs THE HUSTLE it was a mean song about the go and the title refers to jack and Bobby’s respective picks from when they thought they had to Change the band name – btw Dave’s pick was THE FLAMINGOS (get it? The flamin’ go’s!) – that song didn’t turn out too great plus it was kinda mean so I never recored it – – – > ANYWAYYYY… go see JOHNNY play solo and duo with MATT SMITH – JUNE 22nd 2018 at Outer Limits Lounge it’s gonna be really good… one more guy and it’d be a THREESOME right, JOHN???

JUNE 22 2018

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