“My friend Greg Hallock bought me a bootleg VHS copy of HUMAN HIGHWAY from a gypsy VHS tape dealer at a metro Detroit record convention in 1990.  Remember when VHS bootlegs were huge???  Of course people were sharing oddball videos way before YOUTUBE.COM…and things were a lot tougher then!!!   When someone discovered that you could connect two VCR’s together VHS bootlegging was born.  Weirdos traded strange movies, documentaries, concerts and art-films with other weirdos and whenever people came to a weirdos house they were treated to a viewing of a super crummy washed-out copy of THE DANCING OUTLAW or HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT or  OTTO MUHEL films or the BUGS BUNNY cartoons with NAZIS in them.  Weird underground VHS tape trading and collecting was a hobby shared by all the cool kids that we were pals with or that came into THE RECORD COLLECTOR—the record store in Livonia where I worked.Well anyways I watched HUMAN HIGHWAY, a movie I had read about but had never seen.  Of course I already loved NEIL YOUNG and had heard the TRANS “new wave” album with robot vocals but was completely blown away by this bizarre comedy musical that featured DEVO and a bunch of people that I would later see in DAVID LYNCH films.  Started in 1977 and completed in 1982, HUMAN HIGHWAY was written by NEIL YOUNG (as BERNARD SHAKEY) and DEAN STOCKWELL and filmed completely on a Hollywood soundstage.  It had a very limited theatrical release in 1982 and wikipedia sez it lost a bunch of money.  It was available commercially on VHS briefly in the mid 90’s and has never been released on DVD.Now, for the first time ever I have painstakingly edited my original VHS bootleg version (origin unknown) with the commercial VHS release—the result is the ultimate and most complete version of this important film featuring a complete alternate dream sequence!!!  I do not have any right to do this as I was not involved in the making of this film and have not acquired the rights in any way.”

—Davin Brainard, 2009

If you love NEIL YOUNG, DEVO, DAVID LYNCH, NEW WAVE MUSIC and BIZARRE SURREAL MUSICAL COMEDY you must come to this important event!!!  And it’s FREE!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
movie starts at 10pm – DEVO videos and footage to follow

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