at UFO FACTORY all the proceeds from our games and jukebox get donated to metro-Detroit animal anti-cruelty, awareness raising, and low cost feral spay/neuter organizations… WELLL many of yoo may have heard about the incident at NAVIN FIELD – in which a non endangered police officer discharged his firearm at a sweet local dog named MILLIE – millie survived but has extensive medical needs — not only does this hit close to home in a literal sense (it happened across the street from us), also Millie’s human is a local musician named ALISON LEWIS — so ufo people, we have donated your arcade quarters this time around to MILLIE’S go fund me … please consider clicking the go fund me link below to donate and/or share … and also consider using your social media platform to let the world know that we believe our hard working  law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard when it comes to firearm safety… but MOSTLY let’s help MILLIE get better…


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