over here at UFO HQ – we have been working hard along with the fine folks of SPICE RACK and several crack contractors to build out a kitchen and menu – to bring yoo LAIKA DOG!!! what’s LAIKA DOG all about??? wellll, it’s a small kitchen operating out of UFO – laika will bring a simple – yet diverse menu focusing on fancy, fun HOT DOGS — think: bahn mi, nacho, pbj, kim chi, fried ramen, pickles, build your own, fried egg, grilled cheese, fries, tater tots, simple salads, vegan, grass fed, more… and look out for the mysterious HOT DISH… SERVICE WILL BE ORDER AT THE BAR / FOOD RUNNER STYLE … ONCE WE OPEN LAIKA DOG – UFO FACTORY WILL BE OPEN EVERYDAY STARTING AT LUNCH TIME! —– SO WE ARE NOW HIRING: KITCHEN STAFF, BARBACK/FOOD RUNNERS and PROBABLY SOME DAYTIME BAR STAFF TOO… STOP BY UFO TO PICK UP AN APPLICATION, SEND YOUR RESUME TO UFOFACTORY@GMAIL.COM, and if yoo have already submitted an app – REMIND US THAT YOO ARE STILL INTERESTED… thankssss DION/UFO —- LAIKA DOG coming summer 2015 to the back room of UFO FACTORY!!!!

***ed. note the word artisanal has been thrown around a lot on the street – NOT BY US  – we have always know that the hot dogs would be novel, fancy, fun – grass fed or vegan – BUT we simply cannot afford the cost associated with hiring all those elves to tend to a year round urban HOT DOG garden…

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