A revitalized  Riverside Park (properly connected to the highly successful river walk) would be one of the best things to happen to our community in SW Detroit… instead we are still getting big $$$ trickery and deception – please read the following from former state rep Rashida Talib and consider signing the petition etc…

The deal that Mayor Duggan is entering into with Matty Moroun with Riverside Park is an injustice to our community. We worked so hard to take back our park and hold companies like the Bridge Company accountable to all local, state and federal laws. With this deal we get more trucks! We deserve better than this deal that allows a company that has lied to the federal government (yes it is in writing) about their new twin bridge. They have attempted to circumvent the law to avoid environmental processes that protect our children and families in the neighborhood. This about Matty’s best interest, not our community’s. – RASHIDA TALIB

I am urging your support to help us get our City Council members to hear our concerns.

1) Please sign the petition:…/14GeJkpzV5-s_GrW1qBaFaZ…/viewform…

2) Attend tomorrow’s Detroit City Council meeting at 10 a.m. tomorrow, May 18th at Coleman Young Municipal Building,13th Floor, 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

3) Reach out to the Planning & Economic Development Council members

Gabe Leland (Chair), 313-224-2151

Scott Benson (Vice Chair), 313-224-1198,

Mary Sheffield, 313-224-4505

Please urge them to support the community by having our questions about the deal answered first and more importantly to engage the community before proceeding with this deal. The concerns raised in the petition need to be addressed. We deserve to be heard…/moroun-detroit-riverside-d…/27508361/


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