over the years TURN TO CRIME has evolved from a nearly no-wave one man freak jam to a well-oiled motorik musik maschine that fills in the cracks between the new weird, classic computation, re-tuned guitars, and basement science… too everything to be any one thing and too kool thing to miss…. come on down to celebrate the release of their new LP “ACTIONS” — UFO FACTORY tonite 5/8/15 (do not miss next big thing openers THE STEVES and DJ ICE aka BLAZEMASTER aka MONTANA BOY) ——- DON’T BELIEVE ME? ASK THE CRITICS:

“An uplifting mix of Krautrock, playful synths and candy-pop hooks; Turn To Crime sound like an experiment gone awry in a toy factory…this Detroit DIY trio will crack smiles” – NME“Intense euphoria with repetition, minimalist structures, and enormous hooks” – The Line of Best Fit“Kosmische, post-punk and lo-fi electronic noise” – Uncut

“It’s bittersweet joy is something to behold” -Clash

“this is record-clerk pop-rock of the highest order — skuzzy, wobbly singer-songwriter ditties and krautrock jams indebted to Lou Reed, Jim O’Rourke, and a legion of wizened post-punks.” – Stereogum

“antsy post-punk to somnambulistic torch songs to something you might call pop.” – BrooklynVegan

“carefully crafted, raw riff-outs set to motorik beats, neither glam nor garage nor post-punk, but essentially a rock n’ roll post-every-other-genre-you-could-name-drop, and that includes post-apocalyptic; it’s as noisy and gnarly as it is uncannily appealing.” – The 405

“perfect for fans of fuzzed out guitar and heavy drums.” – The A.V. Club

“it sounds like it’s from another time, rollicking along somewhere between doo-wop and greasy drifter-rock with a swaying, offbeat sunniness.” – The Fader

“…starry-eyed swoon rock, instrumental post-punk, blistering garage-scuzz, and winsome Krautrock, all grafted together to form a dynamic hodgepodge that resists classification”
– SPIN (“5 Best New Artists For August ‘14”)

“Former founding member of Awesome Color and Brooklyn scene interloper moves back to Detroit to find himself amidst these no-jobs jive times, and discovers that city streets are often dark and lonesome everywhere. But with a dusty drum machine, pals with a practice space, and Sonic Youth’s Sister CD in your back pocket, the show can and will go on” CMJ – Top 30 Albums of 2014

“The album ranges from claustrophobic post-punk to more sprightly pop but all filtered through Stanton’s unique point of view.”
– Brooklyn Vegan

“Love Turn to Crime. The trio make the kind of lo-fi songs that remind me of being 16 and annoyed with my parents. ‘Prince of Slackers’…quite specifically makes me think of saying I was one place and sneaking out to be with my unsuitable monosyllabic Pavement-loving boyfriend-of-the-time instead. And yeah I got caught and grounded for a year. Who knows why ‘Prince of Slackers’ made me think of this moment exactly, but that’s the great thing about music right? A guitar tone can dredge up all kinds of weird stuff.” – Noisey

“Lead single ‘Sunday’s Cool,’ an off-kilter tune falling somewhere between The Growlers and The Replacements, swings to a retro beat. Likewise, ‘Forgiveness’ furthers that strange, 1950s warbled AM radio sound with stoner rock reverb.”
– Paste




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