BIG WORLD PICTURES presents a 16mm FILM SERIES (bi-weekly at UFO – starting JAN 26 2107)

hey UFO PEOPLE! we are pretty excited to be able to host this legit 16mm film series – these flicks are all great – some too may have seen? others not? either way you probably haven’t seen ’em like this! on FILM – in a weird bar – with cheap booze and free popcorn – plus theres the LAIKA DOG kitchen – so come early and make it DINNER AND A MOVIE!

Jonathan at BIG WORLD wants yoo all to come so he’s is making ADMISSION FREE! but it isn’t free to him to get these films to you – so please if possible consider donating to the cause at … SEE YOO AT THE MOVIES – DION/UFO

“It’s a BIG WORLD After All…”

16mm arthouse/foreign film series to launch in January at

UFO Factory to screen biweekly on Thursdays starting Jan. 26;

Arthouse film distributor Big World Pictures will present all selections on glorious 16mm film, screened on two portable Eiki 16mm projectors salvaged from crumbling institutions. Prints will be drawn from private collectors, and rights cleared by US distributors.

The inaugural schedule, to screen from January through March, includes six titles from the United States and France, drawn from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ’80s; ranging from indies to classics; from Jean-Luc Godard to Charles Burnett, Chris Marker to Jim Jarmusch. (see detailed schedule below)

Jan. 26 Killer of Sheep (dir. Charles Burnett, 1977) at UFO Factory

Feb. 2 Down By Law (dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1986) at UFO Factory

Feb. 23 Sans Soleil/La Jetée (dir. Chris Marker, 1983/1962)

Mar. 9 Breathless (dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) at UFO Factory

Mar. 23 Pather Panchali (dir. Satyajit Ray, 1955) at UFO Factory

All films will screen at 7pm, and are free and open to the public, with donations accepted to help defray any outstanding expenses.

Big World Pictures has mounted a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, seeking $5,000 with which to fully fund the entire six-month series. Please visit

In its second phase (April-June), “It’s a BIG WORLD After All…” will present films from farther afield, offering work from Italy to Vietnam to the USSR and various points in between.

For more information and press materials, please see:

Jonathan Howell

Director/Programmer of Acquisitions

Big World Pictures

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